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Goshichi Wheelchair Accessible Trucks
Goshichi Wheelchair Trucks

2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Wheelchair Truck
2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 GoShichi Wheelchair Truck

2011 Gmc Sierra 1500 Extended Cab GoShichi Truck
2011 Gmc Sierra 1500 Extended Cab GoShichi Truck

2008 Gmc Sierra 1500 Extended Cab
2008 Gmc Sierra 1500 Extended Cab

Happy Owner 2006 GMC Sierra 1500, 4x4 SLE Wheelchair TRUCK
Happy Owner Of GoShichi 2006 GMC Sierra 1500, 4x4 SLE Wheelchair Truck

Why GoShichi Wheelchair Accessible Trucks

Who's Behind GoShichi ?

Steve Kitchin GoShichiIn 1999 Steve Kitchin was left a quadriplegic after an accident. The need for a wheelchair seemed to necessitate the use of a mini van. Steve was not happy with this choice, but he did not think he had any other options. A few years later he was faced with the need to replace the mini van. He did not want to buy another mini van so he got together with a few friends to explore his options.

After several designs the men came up with a way to develop wheelchair accessible pick up trucks. The design of the trucks is simple. For a truck wheelchair conversion, the flooring on the truck is lowered and the flooring is reinforced to handle the weight of a wheelchair, a pickup wheelchair lift, and the weight of the person. GoShichi has reinvented wheelchair accessible trucks with their GoSchichi wheelchair trucks.

Where Can I Find GoShichi ?

GoShichi is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but they have dealers nationwide. Their website allows you fill out a "contact us" section to find a wheelchair mobility car dealer near you. If you want to buy a GoShichi wheelchair truck you have plenty of options.

Goshichi Wheelchair TruckGoShichi LLC
505 Avenue of Autos
Fort Wayne, IN  46804
(260) 434-4777

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Where Do I Buy GoShichi Wheelchair Accessible Trucks?

You can either purchase GoShichi Handicap trucks from the standard assembly line, or you can buy your own vehicle and have it sent to the factory. A local handicap accessible truck dealer will still be needed to install hand controls and to work with your finances. The local mobility dealer will also be able to tell you whether your own vehicle is big enough and strong enough to support the accessible pickup truck wheelchair lift system.

What's My Choice of GoShichi Trucks?

At this point the only wheelchair trucks that can be purchased from GoSchichi are GMC Sierras or Chevy Silverado. GoSchichi has an exclusive contract with GMC and Chevy that allows GoSchichi to keep the quality high, the price lower, and the process quicker than any alternative.

Some of you may wish to have your trucks raised. This is possible. The wheelchair accessible trucks are already 3” above the standard height, but GoSchichi can go higher if that is what you need or want.

So What Are The 'Real' Options With Goshichi?

GoSchichi offers conversions on GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado 15000 and 2500 trucks. If you pick your own truck you must choose one that has crew or extended cab to make room for the wheelchair lift. The backseat is left in tact so that carrying up to 5 passengers is possible.

You can either choose a two or four-wheel drive. The average specs to go by state that if your wheels chair is less than 28 inches, and you are less than 57 inches tall, then GoSchici can make you a wheelchair accessible truck. Most modifications are completed within 3-4 weeks and modifications can be performed on the driver's side or the passenger side of a crew or extended cab.


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