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Ryno Handicap Trucks

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There is a wide range of wheelchair accessible trucks that you can buy. These handicap trucks are perfect for elderly and handicap people, allowing them to move from one place to another easily. Wheelchair accessible trucks come with different features, some have a standard ramp that allows a wheelchair to be wheeled in and out easily while some have automatic ramps that lifts in and out at the push of the button. Choosing the best accessible truck for you depends on what your needs are. Here are some the best handicap accessible trucks available in the market today.

Ryno Mobility Trucks

Ryno Handicap TruckBeing one of the first companies to manufacture mobility trucks, Ryno has an excellent reputation. Most car dealers all over the US carry at least one of these handicap trucks so this is one of the easiest to purchase. Ryone also has a line or SUV conversion from reputed car manufacturers such as Dodge and GMC.

Goshichi Wheelchair Trucks

Goshichi Wheelchair TrucksGoshichi Trucks have about 2500 conversion trucks that you can choose from. They also convert any car with a crew or extended cab so that the truck can still hold its standard seating capacity. If you have a big wheelchair, Goshichi Trucks accept truck modifications in order to accommodate the bulky wheelchair easily.

Outrider Lift

Outrider LiftThe Outrider Lift is a device that you can attach to your truck and lift the wheelchair and in and out. Aside from wheelchairs, it is also perfect for lifting heavy furniture and motorcycles. You can easily store the Outrider Lift at the back of your truck. This is one of the cheapest way to give your truck wheelchair accessibility. You do not have to have your truck converted and all you have to do to lift a wheelchair is push a button.


Power Topper

Power TopperThe Power Topper is a marvelous device that allows you to tilt your trucks’ cap and hold the wheelchair all at the push of a button. The Power Topper then closes the cap and keep the wheelchair from theft and protect it against damaging outdoor elements. The Power Topper is perfect in transporting wheelchairs over long distances.

Stow Away TAS-1850

Stow Away for wheelchai trucksThe Stow Away TAS-1850 is another excellent product that can convert any pickup truck or raised SUVs into a wheelchair accessible truck. It has a special lifting chair stored under the body of the truck which then retracts and lowers so that anyone can easily mount on the chair. It then rises to the ideal height where getting into the truck is easy.

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